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Has your personal circumstances changed since you first said ‘No’ to insurance or since you first took out your insurance policy all those years ago?

If there has been a special event in your life then you should review your requirements as to whether insurance is required and/ or whether your existing policy allows you to top up with no medical checks required.

Did you only take life insurance out at the time?  But what happens if you get seriously ill, cannot work, are being treated and get well again?  How are you and your family going to pay the bills in the meantime?  Life insurance only pays out if you are terminally ill or upon death.  Trauma and/ or critical illness cover as a part of your insurance should be considered along with mortgage or income protection.

There are a lot of considerations to take into account and any one of the following special events in a person’s life is a good time to have a look at your requirements.  A special event in your life might be one of the following


  •        Birth or adoption of a child, need to take full time care of a relative
  •        Property purchase or mortgage top up
  •        Marriage or civil union, or divorce
  •        Child starts secondary school / education
  •        Salary Increase
  •        Start education
  •        Policy anniversaries / ages
  •        Death of a spouse partner or child


The range of options available to you is quite large, and the extent of the options varies considerably between life policies. In fact special events options are a major point of difference between life products.

At Saving Kiwis we are here to help.  Our job is to advise on the appropriate cover for you and your family where circumstances change over time and/ or know what to look for where you already have existing cover in place.