Compare FundsWhen you are saving into a managed fund you will have a number of different investment choices that you can select as to how your savings are invested.

Typically depending on the investment you have selected you will have a choice of a number of different savings funds that vary in how your money is invested. These choices include whether you invest in a cash, conservative, balanced or growth-managed fund. Or what percentage of your savings is invested into the various different sectors of the savings and investment market. Additional choices include what risks versus return you are prepared to take.  Other things to consider are whether you understand what your money is being invested into and how much it is all costing you.

If you don’t understand how your money is working for you then can you really make the best-informed decision? At Saving Kiwis we don’t think you can. We take the jargon out of your savings and investments and explain it in plain English in way that you can easily understand.

We will asist you in the decision-making process by completing a risk profile that helps you select the most appropriate managed-fund investment for the type of investor you are. You will be able to sleep at night knowing your savings and investment returns are doing the work for you 24/7.